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Six Sigma: Much More Than Greek to Us.

The Six Sigma approach to problem solving is a data-driven process for accomplishing discrete initiatives driven by clear bottom-line savings. It's a total commitment to process-based leadership. Not surprisingly, we’ve adopted the Six Sigma and Lean philosophies as a way of life throughout the entire organization—from equipment capability to our accounting processes.

Since we began implementation of Six Sigma in 2000, more than a third of our US salaried workforce are either black belt or green belt trained, and in total, over 120 projects have been completed, resulting in total annualized savings of over $10 million to the direct benefit of our customers.

Why are we making such a fuss? Because we believe these philosophies represent a disciplined way of making us a better business. And when we get better, our customers get better—through better service, higher quality and lower costs. That's what Brazeway is all about.