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Gen“Obsolete Everything You Do.” — Hickman

The success of our innovation and the commitment to our customers has been proven throughout the history of Brazeway. It is our mission to question convention and constantly strive for opportunities to improve upon the technologies and processes that will continue to transform our products, and increase their value to the world.



Our entire business has been built on this philosophy. It has been woven into the fabric of the entire Brazeway team, and it governs the way we conduct ourselves, in every department of the company, every day that we work.

It encourages us to never stand still. It forces us to view what we do as not just a product. Not just a process. But a continuous change from innovative products to innovative technology in manufacturing: the constant drive for faster, quicker and better.

For our customers, it means always having a competitive advantage and the comfort of knowing that their products will consistently represent the leading edge of design and performance.