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The Brazeway Proving Grounds

While not quite as glamorous as a Formula 1 test track, we feel our environmental chambers are a crucially vital component in the battle to stay on top. Having an in-house proving grounds eliminates the design-cycle bottleneck that can occur around testing, allowing us to bring new concepts and innovations to market more quickly. Our testing capabilities quite frequently exceed that of our clients, allowing us to serve as an integral part of their development processes.

Our environmental tests put the entire appliance through climate-controlled conditions that vary temperature, humidity, and pressure; and conduct real-life usage simulations such as door-swing reactions and pull-down performance. Data is amassed on every variable imagined, from energy usage to refrigerant mass flow and frost visualization.

And as a Brazeway customer, what's ours is yours. We partner with your design teams to help develop solutions to make your products work better. So now you can be confident that your ideas not only work, but they are proven to outperform your direct competition.